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Kincrome Professional Quality Tools
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Tightened by the Kincrome Spannerchix!
Watch this if you want to find out some handy tool tricks.

Week 1 - Undoing a tight nut or bolt

  • First try lubricating with oil - oil helps to dissolve rust and lubricate the threads.
  • Tapping with a hammer may help to free up rust or corrosion - be careful not to damage the thread.
  • Use the correct tools for maximum leverage.
  • If you round off the nut, try knocking an old socket onto the nut, then loosening that.
  • Break out the trusty Kincrome rattle gun if you have one available.
  • If all else fails heat (via an oxy) will often loosen stubborn nuts - but this is a last resort and only to be done by a professional!

Week 2 - Testing engine for noises

More information can be found at:

Week 3 - Testing your spark plugs

More information can be found at:

Week 4 - Overheating quick fixes

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Week 5 - Batteries

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Week 6 - Fuel saving tips

More information can be found at:
Using soap to fix a fuel tank leak


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